5 Ways IBM TSS Supports Your Multivendor Environment

Sep 7, 2017

Today’s IT environments are becoming more complex and integrated to accommodate the technology trends that improve customer experience and increase your company’s bottom line. Trends like cloud, mobile, big data analytics, and business collaboration require hardware and software that come from the portfolios of different vendors.

While these diverse hardware and software acquisitions transform the way you do business, they also increase risk. When one part of your environment malfunctions, it can create a domino effect that brings interconnected systems to a halt. Uncovering which vendors are responsible for specific assets so they can solve the problem takes valuable time your business can’t afford.

Instead of wasting time sorting through multiple service agreements when a problem occurs, consider outsourcing your monitoring and maintenance to IBM Technology Support Services (TSS) to simplify support for your multivendor environment.

Here are 5 advantages to using IBM TSS to support your complex IT environment:

1) A Proactive Approach 

Downtime can be costly, so it doesn’t make sense to wait for a problem to disrupt your business before you act. TSS takes a proactive approach that helps prevent problems before they occur. By analyzing network traffic and reviewing past incidents, TSS can anticipate breaches or outages and stop them before they can cause any damage.

2) Single Point of Support 

IBM TSS takes a vendor-agnostic approach to support. More than 20,000 experienced support specialistsare available through 57 call centers to support hardware and software from IBM, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and leading technology providers. Having a single point of contact for any problem makes resolving outages quick and easy. With 585 parts centers stocked with 1.3 million IBM and non-IBM parts, IBM TSS can supply your business with any hardware you need to recover from an equipment failure.

3) End-to-end Support 

When your company relies on vendors for support, often, the only choice is to take part in a break-fix model, which requires reaching out to a call center and starting a ticket when a problem arises. While you wait for repair service, your customers and clients become impatient. TSS takes an end-to-end approach to support. Experts keep an eye on all your systems for ongoing maintenance. That way your environment stays up and running for a seamless user experience.

4) Lifecycle Management 

A multivendor environment can be a nightmare to keep up-to-date. Hardware and software get provisioned at different times, and each element has a separate service agreement. Updates and patches come at different rates. If your staff misses a patch, you open yourself up to hackers that exploit these vulnerabilities. IBM TSS keeps track of the lifecycles of all your IT assets so you never miss an upgrade or update. TSS can alert you of opportunities to conduct migrations and make refreshes so your business can stay on the cutting edge.

5) High Availability  

In our always-on culture, your business needs to achieve 99.999% availability to keep your clients’ and customers’ trust. IBM TSS helps your company maintain high availability by preventing most problems and rapidly solving any problems that do occur. For hardware services, IBM TSS fixes problems during the first call 94% of the time. Parts get delivered within 4 hours (to U.S. customers) 99% of the time.

Rethinking Your Approach to Support 

As your business acquires new hardware and software to achieve digital transformation, you may be creating a tangle of interconnected systems that are difficult to monitor and maintain. Working with TSS gives you the opportunity to reassess your environment and develop a strategic approach to support that enables you to be proactive about controlling risk.

As a Premier IBM Business Partner with a long track record of success, PEAK Resources is the ideal provider for IBM TSS. We have more than 20 years’ experience managing contracts. We can consolidate your environment in preparation for your TSS partnership with IBM. Together with IBM, you can assess your environment and reach a support strategy that will increase your reliability and free your IT team to contribute to the core business.

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