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A Time of Reflection & Action

PEAK’s Re-Alignment of Holiday Corporate Gifting

Every year, during the Holiday Season, organizations show thanks and appreciation to their customers, partners and employees through corporate gifts.  From bottles of wine to a logo hoodie to box of delicious fruit, the practice of showing gratitude via seasonal gifts has become a mainstay in organizations in all industries.  At PEAK Resources, we have adopted this practice and each year we strive to say, “thank you” to a select group of individuals who have enabled, empowered and supported our business.

A few weeks ago, we began our discussion and planning for this year’s seasonal gifts.  As we came together as a Team to determine who was on this year’s list, budget and gift ideas the conversation was subdued.  Across our Team, something felt off, or mis-aligned.

Throughout 2020, the global community has experienced unprecedented issues sparked by the coronavirus.  In the United States, social and community unrest has been and continues to be greatly acerbated by deep flaws in social justice, a historically divisive Presidential race, economic upheaval and a healthcare ecosystem that is under dramatic strain.


Listening to our inner voice.

As a Team, the shear thought of Holiday gifts seemed inappropriate, at best, as so many folks in the Colorado Community, our Community, are hurting.  So, we have decided to make a change.  We have decided to re-direct our 2020 corporate gifting to make a difference in our community and provide a $6,000 check to Food for Thought.

Food for Thought is a Denver-based organization that is making a big difference in its efforts to eliminate weekend hunger for children in our local schools by providing PowerSacks each Friday of the school year.  Each PowerSack has 9-13 items, enough to feed a family of four 2 meals.  Food for Thought is a 100% volunteer organization and today is servicing 53 schools in the Denver area.


Our history of support.

PEAK Resources has been giving back to the communities where we live and work since our inception, in 1991.  As an organization, we have a broad range of volunteerism, but we have put great energy and focus towards an area that our team holds in the highest esteem, Education and Student Well-Being. Specifically, Youth Education and well-being.


Would you like to learn more about Food for Thought?

Every Friday of the school year, rain, shine, sleet or snowstorm, an army of volunteers comes together at the crack of dawn to assemble more than 4,000 individual PowerSacks that are distributed to more than 53 local schools.  Volunteers from PEAK are honored to be a part of this movement.  PEAK Team Members show up each Friday to be a part of this incredible effort and, organizationally, PEAK supports Food for Thought with monetary donations and sponsorships.


Learn more about PEAK & Food for Thought:


Go to the Food for Thought Website:


Vince DeRose is the president and CEO of PEAK Resources. He was one of the original founders of the company in 1991 and was named President in 1996 and CEO in 1998.

Vince sets the tone as PEAK’s visionary, and engages daily with business partners, customers and PEAK team members.  While typically focused on strategy and customer-facing execution, he also devotes significant energy to managing internal growth and operational transformation.

As a huge advocate of the power of the ecosystem, Vince has extensive experience with channel programs and execution as well as end-user transaction structure, financing and negotiations. He has a broad range of technology experience in various industries including healthcare, finance, manufacturing and state and local government.

Vince’s experience also includes 9-years on the IBM North America Business Partner Advisory Council, several years on IBM’s Power Advisory Council and as a charter member of VMware’s Partner Advisory Council.

Vince DeRose

Vince DeRose

President and CEO