Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack: How Do We Defend Ourselves?

A Virtual Roundtable

Our Biz / Tech Roundtable is an online event series designed to provide information and guidance to both technical and business professionals.  Each event is intended to be a highly interactive discussion, not a sales presentation.  Our goal is to create and develop an on-going cadence with the business community where we address today’s most relevant technology-centric, business topics.


Ransomware has become one of the fastest-growing cyber threats faced by customers across many industries over the last several years. In this event, we’ll discuss the anatomy of a ransomware attack: from the initial campaign to extortion, and best practices for preventing and responding to attacks. Our panel will take questions from the audience and then we will go on to discuss what the future looks like in this space.

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Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack: How Do We Defend Ourselves?


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May 13, 2020
3:00 PM Mountain Time




1. Introductions & Opening Remarks
2. Ransomware and the Impact on Business
3. Best Practices
4. Q & A
5. Future Thought


  • Paul Watson, PEAK Resources, CTO
  • Gene Ballard, PEAK Resources Enterprise Security Architect
  • Matt Manes, PEAK Resources Director Security Sales
  • Brian Black, Deep Instinct Distinguished Sales Engineer

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