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Software-Driven, Cognitive Cloud Networking

Arista Networks pioneered software-driven, cognitive cloud networking for large-scale datacenter and campus environments. Arista’s award-winning platforms, ranging in Ethernet speeds from 10 to 400 gigabits per second, deliver availability, agility, automation analytics, and security through CloudVision® and Arista EOS®, an advanced network operating system.

The network is evolving, rapidly. Beyond the leaps in sheer power to push, pull and provide access to robust data-sets, expansive analytical information and an ever-increasing array of applications, the network is getting smarter, easier to manage and more security conscious. Concurrently, the criticality of the network is paramount, as expectations of access, availability, performance and security have never been higher. For close to thirty years, PEAK has been at the forefront of architecting, implementing and maintaining enterprise networks. Our breadth of experience, partnerships and industry certifications are simply unmatched and provide a testament to our prowess to translate business requirements, priorities and goals into real-world solutions. Let PEAK guide you through the new era of networking.

Vendor Profile from Forrester

In 10 years, Arista Networks has grown into one of the largest suppliers of data center networking switches in the market and has recently expanded its switching portfolio to include campus and branch offices. The company’s growth is due to Arista’s EOS Operating System and its focus on delivering an open, programmable switching platform.

Tier 1 cloud providers have built their networking infrastructure on this type of platform. Besides enabling customers to choose multiple paths of automation, Arista Networks allows them to deploy EOS on third-party hardware, cloud platforms, and inside containers. This ensures that customers can create a fabric across private data centers, cloud platforms, and edge compute locations.

Beyond the switches, the company has invested resources in two important areas: monitoring and integration with other tools. Until recently, most of the networking market didn’t realize that monitoring data is an essential ingredient to a closed-loop system. Arista Networks recognized the need long ago with the release of its DANZ, LANZ, and telemetry features. In parallel, the company spent time working with hypervisor companies to ensure seamless interactions among the networking, server, and virtual worlds. I&O teams that are looking to start their automation journey or that have a deep programming skill set and are already well on their way

Key Value Points

(from the PEAK Solution Architecture Team)


1 OS Across the Board

Encompasses all solutions creating greater ease of management and simpler licensing.


TAC Quick Answer

No escalations when you need to resolve an issue.


Simplified Product Ordering

Models are straightforward, direct and without complexity.


Open Standards

Solutions work easily with other vendors. Built from the ground up on open API.

Palo Alto Networks and Arista MSS-FW

Firewalls in the data center and Palo Alto Networks Panorama™ network security management, MSS-FW learns the security policies, identifies the workloads the firewall needs to inspect, and takes action. Upon identification, MSS-FW can now steer relevant traffic to the firewall, inserting the firewall in the path of workload flows.

The automation capabilities of Arista MSS-FW operate in real time without any need for a network operator to engage the security administrator. Furthermore, there is no need for the network to be architected in a manner specific to a particular workload. This flexibility is crucial to the successful deployment of security in an enterprise private or hybrid cloud. With this new integration, Next-Generation Firewalls can create security policies from a central point and implement them across the network.