Stable network infrastructure provides a foundation for business applications. Over time, the network changes – Has your documentation kept pace? Subnets come and go, VLANs sprawl, WAN links change, organic attrition pulls institutional knowledge out the door. Config drift, tribal knowledge, undocumented deployments, and more, all impact organizational readiness to build, scale, optimize, and remediate the network. Ensure smooth operations for the lifecycle of your network, by investing in actionable information about your environment.


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Goals & Objectives

The PEAK Resources IP Network Assessment provides the actionable intelligence for you to optimize your current network infrastructure and to efficiently scale and optimize the integration of future services into your environment. Our goal is to help you gain clarity into the technology assets you have today and how they are being used to support your business imperatives. With an eye to the future we will provide insights and guidance for your existing IP network trajectory and potential alternatives.

  1. Understand your network architecture

  2. Arm your organization with accurate, actionable, and timely information

  3. Know where to start troubleshooting the network and scaling the network, including workflow, tools to leverage, and fault isolation

  4. Have an actionable design and implementation plan, for integrating a technical solution into your network and into your business operations

Dual-Phase Approach

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