Security Checkup

Organizations face the ever-increasing challenge of securing/protecting their data and systems from cyber threats whether on-prem, for SaaS applications, or in the cloud. To meet this challenge, many organizations end up with dozens of security point-products that don’t communicate with each other and are often incompletely/improperly configured. This results in the reduced effectiveness of cybersecurity controls and increased risk to the organization. To help prevent this, organizations should perform a periodic security checkup to assess their current overall cybersecurity health and the effectiveness of their cybersecurity controls.


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Goals & Objectives

The PEAK Security Checkup is a low-cost cybersecurity checkup designed to assess your current cybersecurity posture and control effectiveness. PEAK security experts will analyze your on-premise network, SaaS applications, and/or cloud environments, collecting data on active threats and risks to your organization. PEAK can analyze all environments for you, or you can choose specific environments that are of relevant focus/concern to you.

When the PEAK Security Checkup assessment is complete, you will receive the following deliverables:

  1. Meeting with PEAK Resources to review the assessment findings including: Malware Infections discovered, Intrusion Attempts, High-Risk Web Applications, Threats to Endpoints and Mobile Devices,  Loss of Sensitive Data, Control recommendations to best protect your network/data

  2. SaaS Portal access for 1-Week to perform your own additional research/analysis

  3. Formal report on findings for Network/Cloud assessments

Dual-Phase Approach

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