A Transformative Approach to the Management and Deployment of Converged Infrastructure

Our converged infrastructure (CI) is a pre-engineered and validated architecture designed to provide a high-availability core platform on which to run applications. This creates a foundation for predictive performance and availability.


The PEAK Converged Core is built on Cisco Validated Designs and is a complete multi-application delivery platform that helps IT organizations accomplish these goals:

Speed Implementation and Rollout: With our state-of-the-art integration center, the PEAK team can deliver a true plug-and-play system into your environment, complete with preconfigured stem integration, security policies, network, and operating systems. Applications can be configured by the ISV, PEAK, and/or the client over VPN.

Seamless Scalability: The PCC is designed to scale to any size, from branch office to full-scale enterprise. Growth is seamless and, in most cases, requires no downtime. The system’s multi-application design allows our customers to add new applications to the system so businesses can fully leverage and maximize inter-application performance.

Secure Application Tenancy: We designed the PCC with firewalled interfaces to provide security at each application’s entry point. This structure allows security to manage both external and internal policies for each application. If you need additional security, we can offer it with the integration of PEAK Security Architecture (PSA).

Integrated Operationalization: The PCC is documented and standardized, so your operations team will have everything it needs to integrate with existing support procedures and policies. Complete application reporting can be achieved through integration with existing enterprise monitoring systems or tools, like vRealize.

Guaranteed Application SLAs and Performance: The performance of all components within the PCC can be measured, understood, and delivered. Any application processing within the performance domain can be managed and understood so that application SLAs can be measured and delivered to your business with confidence.

PCC Quick Facts

  • Built on Cisco CVDs
  • Fully redundant architecture
  • Foundation for private cloud
  • Integration with public cloud
  • Secure multitenancy
  • Application tenant(s)
  • Global services tenant
  • Infrastructure tenant
  • True stateless computing
  • Application performance SLAs
  • Scalable performance
  • Ridged standardization
  • Firewall options
  • Load-balancer options
  • Integrated DR capability
  • Enhanced management options
  • vCenter operations
  • Device management
  • Network management  
  • Automation and orchestration

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