Converged infrastructure is the foundation upon which high-level aspects of application performance and availability can be achieved. However, while most converged solutions deliver these capabilities through consolidated networking, storage, and compute resources, they are typically point-based solutions. This form of converged architecture does not account for multiple applications.

The PEAK Converged Core is a structured and scalable solution that is engineered to handle multiple applications in a secure tenant - we call this secure multi-tenancy. As individual data centers and IT infrastructure 
application performance demands escalate, the PEAK solution can scale and expand to meet long-term growth and through the tenant structure provide guaranteed performance characteristics throughout the infrastructure to the application.

PEAK Delivers Secure Multi-tenant Versatility

The PEAK Converged Core (PCC) builds on Cisco’s Validated Designs (CVD’s) in order to present converged infrastructure architecture as a complete multi-application delivery platform. In this structure, businesses will be able to experience fully-integrated operational capabilities and run multiple applications within the converged environment. If regulatory or other requirement requires that the application be isolated from the rest of the environment, the PCC can also be an ideal fit providing operational efficiencies as well as security with known performance guarantees.

We Build Around You

The PEAK Converged Core is a fully integrated approach to converged infrastructure that highlights the operational capabilities of a true “Performance Domain” in order to host single and multi-tenant application environments.

The PEAK Converged Core approach is an architectural methodology with a proven track record of operationalizing converged infrastructures. Designed from years of experience, we go beyond the CISCO Validated Design (“CVD”) to deliver a highly secure environment with predictable performance characteristics within the inherent network, compute, and storage resources.

Our business technology consultants work closely with our clients to develop a configuration designed to meet specific business requirements with a scalable approach that allows for flexibility.  The multi-tenant open delivery approach enables us to adjust to your applications instead of staying fixed to a preconfigured state.

How You Benefit

  • Quickly deliver new services
  • Scale to add capacity or new application modules
  • Secure application environments
  • Operationalize application environments
  • Guarantee application service level agreements (SLAs) and performance