COVID-19 Update: 3/17/2020

Business Trends

Here at PEAK, we have always believed that doing good also means doing good business.  As we continue to monitor the incredible changes and challenges we are all facing, our team is seeing some commonly-themed topics among our clients.
  • As the demand for remote access is increasing, clients are looking for guidance around the concurrent user capacities on their firewalls and VPN concentrator devices.  These increased demands are also leading to discussions around overall external network bandwidth needed to accommodate additional remote users and workloads.
  • Secondly and maybe as important as the above, is the ‘capacity’ conversation within a given datacenter to accommodate remote users and additional workloads from both a network/compute and storage perspective.
  • Securing a remote workforce is always critical for businesses today, pandemic or not.  There is much greater demand right now around Endpoint Security, SaaS Application Security, Cloud Security, Edge Security, Data Security, and Identity Access Management.

Our team is prepared to offer no-cost consulting and assessment services around network and access capacities as well as compute and storage capacities.

We have several security assessments and solutions we can provide around email, VPN and mobile threat management.
We are all in this together.  If we can help in any way please reach out to your Account Executive or send a note to [email protected]