Customer Journey

The customer journey at PEAK is designed to provide you with the most value possible. Our priority is to fully understand your business goals and current pain points as we leverage our experience to architect and engineer the perfect combination of data center solutions for your company.
We seek to identify and understand your operational issues
We draft a smart technical plan that is right for you
Proof of concept: We ensure that our plan will work and meet your needs
We install the products ourselves and test the plan
Celebrate the peace of mind knowing your company’s assets are safe, organized, and accessible

Discovery Session

We seek to understand your business needs and not just sell you a suite of products you don’t need. This step starts with a phone call, video call, or better yet, an in-person meeting. Our objective here is to take good notes, gather relevant information and be good listeners.

Architect Solution

Once we understand the full picture, we then share our findings with our experienced team to architect the most efficient technical plan to meet your needs. We then walk you through the various details including cost, timeline, and training.

Validate Solution

Proof of Concept: At this point, our architecture and engineering teams collaborate to build and test all the technologies chosen for your solution. In our secured integration facility, we thoroughly test to ensure that all items in the solution plan can be efficiently configured and will be compatible and stable before they are procured.

Procure & Implement Solution

After the proof of concept is confirmed, our project management and procurement teams work together to acquire all the necessary hardware and related accessories required for your solution. Items are either shipped to our integration facility for further quality assurance or go directly to your site, depending on the technology. We then install, configure and test everything on-site for optimal operational efficiency.

Experience Operational Efficiency

This is the best part — the point in which everything comes together and is working smoothly. This is where you and your team are reaping the rewards and praise from your colleagues for the apparent operational efficiency that everyone is experiencing.