PEAK provides the expertise, insight and guidance organizations need to understand how to align and leverage the right data center technologies to support today’s business and the roadmap of tomorrow.


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We design, build, test & deploy anytime, anywhere.

Data Center Your Way

Delivering infrastructure and applications efficiently, securely and within budget has never been more complex. User expectations, business priorities, industry regulations and compliance requirements are ever changing and often create a target that simply does not stand still. For the data center this translates to a mandate of change.

No Limits

The modern data center is no longer limited to what is behind the glass wall. The modern data center is composed of traditional, colocation, hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud models that come together to create a single heterogeneous architecture.


Many organizations are evaluating colocation as a path to move away from data center ownership and take the first step to the cloud. We understand that colocation is not just renting space in a secure building that provides cooling, power, bandwidth, compute and storage. We have assembled a Colocation Strike Force to help our clients identify and select the right colocation partner. Our Team will guide you through all facets of the colocation decision including geography, connectivity, scalability, service performance, security, finance, solutions architecture, analytics and reporting, value-added services and more. We work diligently to maintain relationships with industry-leading colocation centers throughout North America and across the globe to provide you with a vetted list of potential colocation partners.


We provide comprehensive consultative and hands-on professional services designed to support your move from one physical location to a new physical location. In essence, it’s the easy button for a critical organizational event. Relocating a data center can be daunting. It requires significant planning, cross-functional coordination, an immense amount of communication, event walk-throughs and a solid back-up plan! The bottom-line is that PEAK has you covered. We take care of it all, including relocation of physical IT assets, planning services, data protection, discontinuance, un-racking, packing, transportation, and re-installation activities. Our specialists will also ensure all manufacturer maintenance eligibility requirements are updated to ensure you move forward in good standing.