The modern data center is no longer limited to what is behind the glass wall.  The modern data center is composed of traditional, co-location, hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud models that come together to create a single heterogeneous architecture.  PEAK provides the expertise, insight and guidance organizations need to understand how to align and leverage the right data center technologies to support today’s business and the roadmap of tomorrow.

Go Beyond With PEAK

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Go beyond the boundaries of the glass room and create the ultimate architectural model to enable your organization to grow and thrive.


This Assessment is specifically designed to provide  documentation, analysis & evaluation of the physical & logical aspects of the virtualized infrastructure, network topology & relevant configurations.



This Assessment provides a report on your infrastructure from the perspective of the overall state of the storage, its delivery dependencies, best practice compliance, & interoperability with the overall environment.



PEAK Solutions

PEAK Converged Core (PCC)


Converged Infrastructures are pre-engineered and validated architectures designed to provide highly available core platforms that encompass all the elements of compute, storage, network and management. PEAK has further developed a validated design called the PEAK Converged Core that allows for expedited delivery of services, ease of scalability, secure application environments, infrastructure operationalization and predictable performance characteristics.

The PEAK Converged Core is based on Cisco & NetApp FlexPod design and is a complete multi-application delivery platform.



PEAK Resources has a proven track record of designing, implementing and optimizing IBM Power Systems specifically for EPIC environments. PEAK has many clients with different needs in the EHR space and we have created flexible, reliable and scalable solutions based on IBM Power offerings to meet these needs over the past decade and more. These solutions encompass the latest IBM Power 9 offerings coupled with the best Flash storage technologies from our partner OEM’s.

PEAK takes EPIC EHR beyond the production and DR environments to offer unique solutions in the backup, archive, security and compliance space to further solidify customers’ success with this suite of business-critical applications.

PEAK Converged SCADA


Welcome to a purpose-built, enhanced converged data center solution for SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems). This incredibly powerful solution is made for organizations in the utility, oil and gas, and manufacturing industries who are looking for state-of-the-art converged data center architecture.

Taken alone, SCADA systems put controls in place to monitor, collect key data, and automate systems to act on the data returned. This allows for automated decision-making in real-time by running algorithms based on the data received. SCADA can orchestrate adjustments to self-heal any disruption issues. Given that the information is received in real-time, any issues can be acted on, fixed or secured immediately. This quick action aids in improving and securing service to utility customers.

PEAK Converged SCADA is based on the Cisco & NetApp FlexPod design, and builds on the capabilities of SCADA by integrating and incorporating network, embedded management and Cisco UCS servers with flash storage solutions from NetApp.

Professional Services

Traditional Sizing, Design, Implementation

PEAK’s team of data center architects has years of experience in the design, sizing, implementation and migration of data center technologies from on premise traditional 3 tier architectures to cloud enabled converged infrastructure to next generation hyperconverged ‘container ready’ infrastructure solutions that are ready to embrace the hybrid cloud solutions from the world’s leading hyperscalers.

Converged Lifecycle Management

PEAK Resources’ Lifecyle Management for CI provides clients with around the clock monitoring and break/fix support as well as system lifecycle management services. This service is designed to insure the stability and reliability of all devices within the converged infrastructure throughout their service lifetime. This service is designed to provide our clients with consistent performance characteristics as prescribed with the OEM-validated architecture and design.

Co-Location Selection and Relocation Services

PEAK has a Colocation Services Strikeforce to help you identify and select the right colocation partner for your organization.  Our multi-disciplined Team will guide you through all facets of the colocation decision, including geography, connectivity, business analysis, finance, operations and solutions architecture.  We work diligently to maintain relationships with industry-leading colocation centers throughout North America and across the globe to provide you with a vetted list of potential colocation partners.

Business Continuity (Backup / Recovery & DR)

Business continuity solutions today are at the cornerstone of every solution we propose and design. If the technology, and more importantly, the data cannot be accessed, what value is it!? In an age where ransomware is a single click away, we’ve partnered with the industry leaders in the data protection and BCDR space to bring forward-leading solutions that scale with your application’s availability and compliance needs. We have solutions available to multiple industries, including Healthcare, Financial Services and SLED to meet your needs.

Project Management

PEAK will provide a single point of contact through the entire project. The Project Manager will work with your project team to coordinate and schedule resources, validate work completion and provide status updates.

Solution Architecture

PEAK has over 20 combined years of direct solutions experience with Converged Infrastructures ranging from SAP based solutions through International multi-pod private cloud implementations. Solution Architects will work with your team to provide a clear, concise implementation plan that will cover weeks, not months.


PEAK will receive and assemble the entire structure in its custom integration lab in Denver. All components will be racked, cabled, upgraded to the required firmware levels, configured, and fully tested. This will verify all hardware is fully functional and minimal data center floor time will be required. We will also customize the implementation to meet your data center specifications as well as asset tagging and inventory processes.


PEAK will provide engineers to complete onsite implementation within the data center, working closely with your staff to integrate the Rack, Power and Network interfacing to meet project requirements and follow all established policies. Once complete, the entire implementation is documented with all configurations, addressing and best practice information.

HCI Selection Services

Hyper Converged Infrastructure ‘HCI’ offerings are now available from no fewer than five different OEM’s.  PEAK Resources has evaluated and partnered with the industry leading offerings and we are available to advise clients on the best HCI solution based on your unique needs and application workloads.  This is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution and it’s quickly becoming a key transformational piece of technology that is enabling clients to evolve into their own digital transformation.

Security Services

PEAK’s security team provides a wide array of services that help clients protect critical assets while ensuring compliance and enabling business functionality. We offer a wide array of Assessment Services from Posture to Penetration Testing including Application, Physical, Maturity, Email, Wireless, Vulnerability, Data, Risk and Compliance. We are experts at helping to develop cybersecurity strategies and policies. We can help augment your efforts around Incident Response and Forensics. Finally, we offer a Virtual CISO (vCISO) for clients in need of CISO leadership and

Relocation Services

Our Data Center Relocation Services is a comprehensive bundle of services designed to support your move from one physical location to a new physical location. In essence, it’s an easy button for a critical organizational event. Relocating a Data Center can be daunting. It requires significant planning, cross-functional coordination, an immense amount of communication, event walk-throughs and a solid back-up plan! The bottom-line is that PEAK has you covered. We take care of it all, including relocation of physical IT assets, planning services, data protection, discontinuance, un-racking, packing, transportation, and re-installation activities. Our specialists will also ensure all manufacturer maintenance eligibility requirements are updated to ensure you move forward in good standing.



IT organizations increasingly and consistently have to deal with effectively scaling their networks beyond their traditional capabilities. Application/WAN acceleration comes into the picture to provide high performance remote data access, minimize bandwidth consumption, and alleviate latency increases.



Business continuity includes strategy, planning and tactics to ensure that an organization’s mission critical business functions will either continue to operate despite serious incidents / disasters that might otherwise have interrupted them, or will be recovered to an operational state within a reasonably short period. Key elements include: resiliency, recovery and contingency.


Data protection is the process of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise or loss. As businesses are increasingly dependent on data in the era of digital transformation, it becomes all the more important to have the correct backup and storage protocols in place in addition to ongoing security measures.


There has been explosive growth of multiple Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies in recent years, and for good reason. Hybrid and All Flash SANs are finding themselves at the forefront of the growth. These SAN’s hardware and software are built from the ground up to overcome traditional SAN technology shortfalls. Hybrid and All Flash SANs are built with flexible scaling of performance and capacity, ease of use, smooth scalability, and incorporated data protections in mind.


Backup is the routine copying of data to ensure its protection in the event of data loss through accidental deletion, equipment failure, or some other mishap. As more and more data is created and stored for longer periods of time, backup costs and the “backup window” (the time allocated to complete a backup operation) can increase to unmanageable levels. The goal of a Backup and Restore solution is to enable you to strengthen your data protection, streamline backup and recovery, and meet a wide range of service levels, even for the largest data volumes.


As enterprise computing systems increase in scale, they also increase in complexity. And as complexity increases, so does the expense of deployment and ongoing management. A business can address these growing challenges by streamlining data center compute resources, scaling service delivery, and radically reducing the number of devices that require setup, management, power/cooling, and cabling.


In an almost natural evolution of data center systems, hyperconverged solutions have grown to provide a single, fully integrated stack that includes: compute, storage, virtualization and networking. Its scale-out capabilities show benefits such as lower costs, predictable scalability, centralized management, and a smaller footprint.


Infrastructure Virtualization is the basis for the transformation of the data center into a service-oriented infrastructure and a key enabler for automation and lights-out operations. By virtualizing data center infrastructure and decoupling applications and data from the physical resources they run on, IT can deliver and maintain data center services more efficiently, resiliently, and dynamically.


Large collections of data can sometimes scale at a faster pace than traditional data processing can handle. Big data intends to work on parallel software running on tens of hundreds of compute nodes to process large amounts of data. Big data intends to uncover valuable and normally hidden information from data sets that would otherwise be concealed.


Converged Infrastructures (CI) are pre-engineered and validated architectures designed to provide highly available core platforms upon which to run applications. CI’s are the foundation upon which high-level aspects of application performance and availability are built. Internal networking, compute and storage resources are assembled in order to provide predictive performance and reliability standards.


Software Define Data Center differs from the traditional hardware-based data center model, as all of the relevant infrastructure – such as the network, servers and storage – have been virtualized and delivered as a service. In this model, control of the data center can be fully configured and automated from a central management platform.

And So Much More…

This section highlights just a few of the technologies we work with. We would love to talk with you about your business requirements and help you understand the right technologies for your environment. Additionally, we are constantly keeping our finger on the pulse of new and upcoming technologies. We strive to design and implement the perfect solutions for each one of our customers.

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