Reliable, Stable Converged Infrastructure with FlexPod Managed Service (FMS)

With PEAK Resources’ FlexPod Managed Service (FMS), you receive around-the-clock monitoring, break/fix support, and system life cycle management services. Our FlexPod Managed Service is designed to ensure the reliability and stability of all devices in the converged infrastructure.

Dependable Performance

We maintain our FlexPod infrastructure to ensure that it provides our clients with the performance characteristics described within the Cisco Validated Design (CVD) program. PEAK’s FlexPod Managed Service is designed and built using industry-leading technologies and the ITIL Framework.

Our FlexPod Managed Service includes these features:

  • 24/7/365 service desk
  • Device monitoring for all Cisco Validated Design (CVD) devices
  • Integrated asset management and ticketing

If a device experiences issues, the system will generate an alert that will be sent to the customer and the PEAK technical support service desk. Our service desk will open a ticket on the customer’s behalf and orchestrate the repair or replacement with the OEM, if needed.

Complete FlexPod Life Cycle Management

Our FlexPod Lifecycle Management includes scheduled, periodic reviews of a client’s FlexPod environment, capturing the current firmware, software, and hardware versions of all components. The client will receive a report of the existing environment and recommendations for maintenance and upgrades. We will execute agreed-upon system upgrades, in conjunction with the client’s own operations team, inside the scheduled maintenance window. The cost of CVD upgrades will be presented in a scope of work (SOW) document.

Contact PEAK Resources to learn more about FlexPod Managed Services.