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The Official IBM Announcement

IBM Reveals Next-Generation Of Its Power CPU: IBM Power10

Designed to offer a platform to meet the unique needs of enterprise hybrid cloud computing, the IBM POWER10 processor uses a design focused on energy efficiency and performance in a 7nm form factor with an expected improvement of up to 3x greater processor energy efficiency, workload capacity, and container density than the IBM POWER9 processor. New innovations include:

  • IBM’s First Commercialized 7nm Processor
  • Support for Multi-Petabyte Memory Clusters
  • New Hardware-Enabled Security Capabilities
  • New Processor Core Architectures

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Key Value Points

(from the PEAK Solution Architecture Team)


Respond Faster to Changing Business Demands

Efficient scaling and flexible but predictable pay-for-use consumption models across public and private cloud environments.


Data Protection from Core to Cloud

By leveraging memory encryption at the processor level designed to support end-to-end security across public and private clouds without impacting application performance.


Engineered for Agility

Modernize with a frictionless hybrid cloud experience without additional middleware being required.



Most efficient, most scalable, highest performance system in Power portfolio. 4x more containerized throughput vs x86, 5x AI inferencing and ML versus prior platforms. World record SAP two-tier benchmark holder.

Analyst Resources

ITIC - Global Server Hardware, Server OS Security Report (2021)


ITIC’s independent survey polled over 1,100 businesses worldwide across 28 different vertical market sectors from January 2021 through mid-June 2021. The Survey compares the security features and functions of 15 different server platforms.

IDC - The Sweet Spot of Modern Enterprise Computing (2021)


The enterprise-class compute platform must be unequivocally secure, reliable, scalable, sustainable, integrative with cloud as part of a hybrid approach, and built for AI. This white paper digs deeper into these considerations from an infrastructure and deployment perspective, focusing on the new IBM Power10 processor and the new IBM Power enterprise-class platform, the E1080.

IBM Resources

IBM i Strategy & Roadmap (2021)


An executive guide to IBM’s strategy and roadmap for its integrated operating environment for Power Systems.

This paper provides the details for the strategy regarding the IBM i integrated operating environment for Power Systems. Beginning with a high-level examination of the three focus areas of the strategy, followed by a look at the nature of business in the age of ongoing digital transformation, the rest of the paper focuses in specifically on IBM i. Areas covered in depth include the standing of IBM i in the marketplace, the key pillars of the IBM i architecture, the roadmaps to the future of IBM i and the diverse portfolio of IBM i products. The paper concludes with a list of resources useful to the IBM i community and links to explore for further information.

IBM AIX Strategy & Roadmap (2021)


AIX and IBM Power Systems have been the foundation of mission-critical workloads and databases for tens of thousands of customers over the last 35 years, leading the industry in performance, scalability, resiliency, flexibility, and security.

This paper provides a look into the strategy and roadmap for the future of AIX and includes stories of business transformation, information about the latest upgrades to our software stack, ideas modernize your existing AIX environment through co-location of cloud-native applications with Red Hat OpenShift, and a view of our roadmap through 2035 and beyond.

PEAK a Proud IBM Partner

IBM has been a key partner for PEAK Resources since 1994.  For close to three decades, our organizations have been a part of an ongoing technology revolution, and our shared experiences, history of collaboration and intricate relationships have formed a bond made of iron.  Our partnership with IBM is critical to our success.  IBM is in our DNA.  Today, IBM plays core role in several of our Authoritative Excellence themes, is distinguished in both our Professional Services and Technology Solutions for Cloud, Data Center, Data Protection, Automation and Enterprise Security.  PEAK is a Gold IBM Partner.

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