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IBM Power Private Cloud ‘PPC’

private cloud solution with Redhat OpenShift

Is IBM about to undergo a renaissance of sorts with Redhat based offerings pre-integrated onto their enterprise-class foundation of Power server platforms? 

At the beginning of March 2021, IBM announced a new offering called Power Private Cloud (PPC).  PPC is a pre-integrated IBM Power9 based server (and storage) solution which leverages Redhat Linux, the OpenShift container platform ‘OCP’ and a variety of IBM cloud ‘paks’ into a single, easy to consume private cloud solution which can be configured to leverage public cloud resources as required by workload demand.

With the advent of language like multicloud or hybrid cloud now being commonplace in IT, organizations are aligning their business transformation with the orchestration of their various cloud platforms to achieve a next-generation flexible business model. This next-generation business model will ultimately enable an agile organization and one that can respond quickly to market opportunities and demands, seemingly the word ‘hybrid’ is here to stay! 

In a recent survey conducted by IBM, forty-one percent of organizations agreed that aligning both business processes and IT initiatives were critical to their application modernization business cases, while up to fifty-seven percent agreed that the IT benefits of a hybrid or multicloud strategy have significantly influenced a change in technology directions and investments.


aligning both business processes and IT initiatives were critical to their application modernization business cases


IT benefits of a hybrid or multicloud strategy have significantly influenced a change in technology directions and investments

Cloud Strategy: private, public, hybrid, multicloud….

That all said, many organizations are still in their infancy from an overall cloud adoption strategy.  This can be attributed to any number of reasons.  Budget is typically front and center.  In many organizations, the IT budget is no longer a sacred cow.  Under intense scrutiny, the world of cloud can be viewed as a non-starter when the cost business benefit is analyzed.

I’d challenge that everything that we provide in the form of IT solutions today must have the native flexibility to leverage an off-premises ‘cloud’ without prohibition or shortcomings. No question, businesses need the power of cloud with all the flexibility that it provides, but it has to be the right things, in the right place, at the right time. A hybrid cloud strategy provides that flexibility


The Private Cloud Easy Button

With the announcement of IBM’s PPC solution, clients have an easy to install/operationalize on premise private cloud solution, something that typically would take 8 days and implement is now available for a client to deploy in about 8 hours!  PPC can be easily secured and extended to stretch in a hybrid manner in order to leverage other cloud resources and artifacts, including other private clouds, public or multicloud resources. 

Redhat and the Openshift platform within PPC provides the cornerstone building block that many clients need to start down the path to their hybrid cloud experience.


Let’s Talk Tech

The PPC offering incorporates IBM Power Servers, namely Power9 – S922’s servers. These servers are built to leverage RedHat / OpenShift Cloud Platform ‘OCP’ and the requisite ‘IBM Cloud Pak’s’ (more later on that topic).

The server elements are configured and optimized to run a RedHat Linux distribution to support the master and worker partitions for the application landscape being deployed. Those partitions leverage virtual I/O servers, such that all the I/O adapters can be flexibly shared across numerous resources, without comprise as QoS and other network optimization technologies can be leveraged across all running workloads.
The initial configuration of PPC incorporates three P9 servers such that an N+1 redundant application landscape can be deployed (and managed) with no single point of failure throughout the stack. The scalability of the solution is almost infinite based on application and workload needs.

In addition to the redundant servers, an IBM FlashSystem NVMe based array is incorporated into the solution stack. This storage array supports a massive amount of storage capacity, with a groundbreaking 1,7PB of effective capacity being realized in just 1U of physical rack space! an unprecedented amount of storage and performance density in a physical package that again can scale to support more IOPs and storage capacity as application demands dictate. Just like the server tier, the storage elements can be deployed in a hybrid manner to securely leverage public clouds with the underpinnings of Spectrum Virtualize for Public cloud.

Spectrum virtualize for Public Cloud provides real-time replication and data mobility between on premise resources, like PPC, and public cloud providers, like AWS.


Secret Sauce…IBM Cloud Paks

Anchoring the application landscape of PPC and the ‘secret sauce’ that makes it tick, are a variety of IBM Cloud Paks.  IBM Cloud Pak’s are AI-powered software solutions for hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions including PPC.  These Cloud Pak’s provide pre-integrated containerized software built and designed to be run on RedHat Openshift on IBM Power platforms and more.  IBM Cloud Pak’s are designed to help organizations develop and consume cloud-based servers from anywhere on any cloud. 

IBM Cloud Paks cover the following technology area’s and solutions: Applications, Automation, Data, Integration, MultiCloud Management and Security.

This is exciting and innovative technology that has the power to materialize your cloud strategy.  My team and I would love to help you get your arms around your business goals and drivers and how they can translate into a customized cloud strategy.  Simply CLICK the Connect with an Expert link and let us know how we can help.

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