Know your attack surface
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IBM Security Randori Recon

Randori helps you achieve real-time visibility with continuous mapping of your entire external perimeter, including shadow IT. Remove blind spots from your environment and prioritize vulnerabilities based on real-world attack scenarios and temptation scores.

Request a free attack surface review now. Uncover visibility gaps and see the blind spots that hackers are most likely to exploit. Randori’s discovery engine is completely “black-box” and only requires an email address.

What is the attack surface and why does it need managing, you ask? In this video, Sam Hector explains just what ASM is and how it can help you respond proactively to threats and them before they start.

As a leading investment and financial advisory firm with 15 offices worldwide, maintaining and up-to-date picture of their global attack surface was a constant challenge for the John and his team. Starting from a single email address, the Randori Recon team surveilled Greenhill’s attack surface then patched, reconfigured, and deployed new controls to protect their most tempting targets.

Randori Recon Attack Surface Management provides a continuous view of your external perimeter to reduce the risks of shadow IT, misconfigurations, and process failures. Read more about the functionalities in the data sheet.

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