Powerful, secure, and highly available infrastructure designed to process massive volumes of data instantly.

EMR on IBM Power Systems

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions require high availability, strong security, exceptional performance, and the ability to deliver an exceptional user experience. That is why IBM developed Power Systems Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences.

IBM Power Systems are the most reliable servers on the market. They run the secure and proven AIX operating system. They are built on the advanced, open source POWER processor that delivers up to 35% more compute power on enterprise EMR applications, such as Epic.

The POWER8 processor provides many benefits to EMR applications compared to Intel, including:

  • 3X the performance
  • 4X threads per core
  • 4X memory bandwidth
  • 2X more cache

Complete, End-to-End Healthcare Solutions

When you deploy your EMR system optimized for IBM Power Systems with advanced IBM Flash Storage, you have the most reliable, secure, and powerful combination in the industry.

Take a minute to watch this video to see how your healthcare organization can benefit from IBM infrastructure.

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IBM Flash Storage


Why Is Flash Adoption Growing in the Enterprise?

Organizations are looking to adopt technologies to empower their business. Analytics, cloud, mobile, and social are no longer luxuries. They are basic business requirements.

A key challenge to implementing these applications is performance. Flash enables your IT department to support these applications while reducing your storage footprint and improving security.

Hospital Healthcare Flash Use Case


Consider the doctor as your user. He is working in the hospital’s application. Every time he sees a patient, he accesses their data, during which he experiences a lag of 5 seconds.

Then, he wants to do take advantage of analytics on that data—but that takes 50 minutes to calculate. This causes the patient to have to return for another appointment.

If he moves to IBM FlashSystem, he can eliminate those wait times. He has instant access to patient data, can perform advanced analytics on that data, and can provide the patient their diagnoses in the same visit.


Think of the hospital administrator as your user. She has to juggle the needs of the hospital, including HIPAA compliance, security requirements, and a disaster recovery plan. Currently, those capabilities are built on large pools of spinning disks.

If she introduces IBM FlashSystem, she can reduce the storage space needed by up to 80% while also improving performance. She also has the ability to encrypt all of the sensitive data that she is responsible for, which dramatically increases the security of patient data.

Watch the Video

Check out this entertaining video that visually explains the benefits of IBM FlashSystem for hospitals.