Technology now plays a central role in business. A company’s IT infrastructure is the backbone of its operations. Infrastructure can be converged, hyperconverged, or made up of constituent parts, storage, compute, network, security, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery.

    No matter what kind of infrastructure you have or need, PEAK Resources can help you plan, develop, implement, and maintain your technology. PEAK Resources has a proven record of success delivering infrastructure solutions for complex and emerging business needs.

    Converged and Hyperconverged

    Converged infrastructure (CI) is a pre-validated solution that combines storage, servers, and networking for simple and predictable performance. Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) builds on the capabilities of CI. HCI consists of software-defined building blocks that combine network connectivity, virtualization, servers, and storage. PEAK Resources offers secure, stable, and pre-validated CI and HCI solutions.

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    We offer advanced storage solutions to meet the data needs of today and tomorrow. As businesses move toward big data environments in private and public clouds, traditional storage solutions can’t meet their demands. PEAK Resources provides future-proof storage solutions built with world-class components from companies like IBM and NetApp.

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    PEAK helps companies maximize their productivity and efficiency with reliable, scalable compute resources. We provide high-quality storage systems that deliver stable compute power, increased capacity, and consolidated workloads.

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    Your company needs a stable, reliable network to move your data without disruption. Built on the foundation of PEAK Converged Core, we provide networking solutions that ensure stability, reliability, performance, and security. Our proven solution-based approach to network design allows us to deliver networking solutions that perfectly align with your business requirements.

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    Concerned about the Cost of Storage?

    As data volumes grow, companies are struggling to find affordable storage options. Our helpful eBook, CIO’s No-nonsense Guide to Containing Storage Costs will show you how to maximize your storage budget. Read it and learn how to improve data access and business agility, while limiting storage costs.

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    Is Aging Infrastructure Holding You Back?

    The Denver Broncos faced the same challenges. Their IT infrastructure was unable to meet the professional football team’s increased operational demands. PEAK Resources helped the Denver Broncos reduce storage requirements and accelerate data recovery. Read the case study to learn how PEAK helped the Denver Broncos meet their increasing data storage needs.

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