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Investing in those who are the future of our Community.

As an organization, we have put great energy and focus towards an area that our team holds in the highest esteem, Education and Student Well-Being. Our efforts with the KIPP Denver Collegiate High School are all about providing opportunities for kids in underserved communities to learn, to grow, and to help them create for themselves for whatever future they can envision.

The following is just a few ways that PEAK Resources tries to make a differnce. If you have any questions, or would like to get involved in our community initiatives, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

About KIPP Denver Collegiate High School

KIPP Denver Collegiate High School, founded in 2009, is a college-preparatory high school, and our academic program is designed with the goal that our students will graduate from college and lead lives of choice and opportunity. KIPP Denver Collegiate High School was named the best high school in Denver and second best in Colorado by US News & World Report. It is one of Washington Post’s “Most Challenging High Schools in America.” The graduating class of 2018 was awarded over $15 million in college scholarships.


Team and Family, Excellence, Integrity, Justice, and Purpose


Students at KIPP Denver Collegiate High School participate in our AP for All program. As part of this initiative, 100% of our 10th-12th grade students take at least 1 AP class. All classes from 9th through 12th grade are designed to teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in Advanced Placement courses, which can be used for college credit at many colleges and universities. Students also take a variety of elective classes, including creative writing, social justice, drawing and ceramics, theater, choir, as well as 5 different PE classes.

Awards & Honors

  • Best High School in Denver – US News & World Report
  • Second Best High School in Colorado – US News & World Report
  • One of America’s Most Challenging High Schools – Washington Post


Each year PEAK awards a $10,000 scholarship and new laptop to a graduating Senior pursuing a STEM degree from KIPP Denver Collegiate High School, right down the street from PEAK in the Valverde neighborhood.  This year’s applicants were really impressive, so much so that we have decided to award TWO scholarships! Every year we receive applications from some amazing young men and women from KIPP Collegiate, and none of this would be possible without a steadfast commitment from the teachers and administrators of the school. 

In addition to financial support, one of the most important things we can do for these students is help them build a professional network. If you know anyone in these fields of study, or are alumni of their universities that might be a good connection for them to make, please let us know. We are always on the lookout for summer jobs or PAID internships that can help our students make the necessary connections to excel in their field of study.


Open to graduating seniors pursuing study in a STEM related field


$10,000 scholarship, or $1,250 per semester


PEAK will gift the winning student a laptop before the start of their freshman year

This Years Winners

This year’s applicants were really impressive, so much so that we have decided to award TWO scholarships! We are pleased to announce the 2021 KIPP Scholarship Winners:

Bryan Torres, pursuing an engineering degree with a focus on aerospace from CU Boulder

Yareli Macias-Sanchez, pursuing a bio-medical engineering degree from Brown University

Previous Winners

2020Ariana RicaldayDenver University
2019Maritza Soto-OjedaColorado State University
2018Xiomara HaatajaColorado State University
2017Manny GaribayColorado State University
2016Graciela ArroyoDenver University
2015Dania EstradaDuke University
2014Dan VenegasCarleton College
2013Fernando RamirezRegis University
2012Rubi SolisMSU Denver
2011Jacquiline GodinaCU Boulder

Career Day

Going Beyond the Boundaries

Each year in February PEAK hosts 15-20 Junior and Senior STEM-focused students from KIPP Denver Collegiate High School, right down the street from our PEAK’s office in the Valverde neighborhood, for a Career Day.

KIPP Denver was ranked #3 by US News and World Reports in a list of top high schools in Colorado in 2019. Serving a predominately underserved student population, KIPP Denver graduates 100% of its high school students and 91% go on to college.

PEAK also provides an annual scholarship to a KIPP Denver graduating Senior that is going to pursue a higher education degree in a STEM field.

This program is in its second decade and we have PEAK scholarship recipients now working in industry as engineers for local companies such as Maxar Technologies and Lockheed Martin.

Our Career Day Students gain insights and understanding of real careers in Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Healthcare, including:


Market and hiring trends in technology


The large variety of career options in STEM fields


Focus and interest of local tech companies


STEM opportunities outside of traditional fields


Ways to get involved in Denver tech as a student


Entrepreneurship and small businesses


Career Day Presenters
Individuals to present in person with the opportunity to speak directly with students about their career path, college experience, or status of science and technology in their field.

Do you have paid or volunteer internships available? If so, we would love to present them at Career Day.

Promotional Items
We are looking for corporate promotional items to be included in a goody bag for all of our students who attend Career Day.

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