by Vince DeRose | January 8, 2021 | Blog

Letter from the CEO

Our 30 Year Anniversary

January 8, 2021 marks the 30th year since my original partner Greg Barrow and I founded PEAK Resources.  I am extremely proud of this accomplishment and have some very fond memories of many things along the way.

We have been extremely fortunate to have earned the trust of countless clients and partners who have worked with us to build relationships that have stood the test of time.

For me, it has been an incredible journey filled with great success and great failures. Things that I am proud of, and things that I regret. Along the way I have been fortunate enough to have built some relationships that transcend business transactions. I have met so many good people. Brothers and sisters that I consider to be family. I also made some mistakes and have seen some people go. Folks that I wish were still my friends! I have sacrificed many things and relationships for PEAK. Looking back, there are many things that I wish I could have done differently. Hopefully, these helped me learn and grow.

For all of you who have been a part of the PEAK Resources journey, thank you!  The organization we are today is a testament to all of you.  As we look to the future, we will continue to grow and evolve our consulting and professional services, as well as the technologies that enable change.  But what will never change is our commitment to our people, community, partners and customers, we will always be there for you…we will always have your back.

Who we are when the deal is over and the lights are out is the reason we are here today, always willing to do the right thing and never leaving someone else holding the bag.  Doing everything with grit, stamina, and integrity.

As I look to the future, I think about a quote from one of my favorite artists, “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take there.”  We know where we are going.  The next chapter of our journey begins with a set of clear priorities and a framework designed to discover, clarify and then rally around our inherent organizational superpowers.  We call this framework Authoritative Excellence.  In the coming weeks I am looking forward to launching this exciting evolution of PEAK Resources.


Vince DeRose is the president and CEO of PEAK Resources. He was one of the original founders of the company in 1991 and was named President in 1996 and CEO in 1998.

Vince sets the tone as PEAK’s visionary, and engages daily with business partners, customers and PEAK team members.  While typically focused on strategy and customer-facing execution, he also devotes significant energy to managing internal growth and operational transformation.

As a huge advocate of the power of the ecosystem, Vince has extensive experience with channel programs and execution as well as end-user transaction structure, financing and negotiations. He has a broad range of technology experience in various industries including healthcare, finance, manufacturing and state and local government.

Vince’s experience also includes 9-years on the IBM North America Business Partner Advisory Council, several years on IBM’s Power Advisory Council and as a charter member of VMware’s Partner Advisory Council.

Vince DeRose

Vince DeRose

President and CEO