DataBank Partner Overview

DataBank has evolved the data center experience beyond power, ping, and pipe to give you the building blocks of a hybrid infrastructure for the AI and Edge era. They offer a comprehensive family of platforms and services for designing and building a modern, agile, IT environment.

Who IS DataBank?

DataBank helps the world’s largest enterprises, technology, and content providers ensure their data and applications are always on, always secure, always compliant, and ready to scale to meet the needs of the artificial intelligence era.


At PEAK Resources, we ensure a reliable, efficient, and scalable storage environment for our customers. Our services encompass comprehensive planning, physical setup, environmental considerations, and logical installation, all executed in accordance with industry best practices to surpass performance, manageability, and reliability expectations. We also conduct thorough server and storage assessments, evaluating capacity and performance to maximize your investments. Our experienced team provides professional recommendations and services.

We are now enhancing our storage solutions by seamlessly incorporating the cutting-edge data centers and services offered by DataBank, delivering an even higher level of performance, efficiency, and reliability for our clients.


DataBank offers flexible data center colocation solutions, whether you need a single rack, a 10,000 sq ft cage, or a micro-data center near a 5G tower. They’ve revolutionized colocation by providing cost savings, scalability, and management simplicity without sacrificing control or convenience.

DataBank’s modern data centers adhere to strict compliance standards, offering ample space, power, and security. They provide dense, carrier-neutral network access for 100% uptime and expert managed services for peace of mind.


DataBank’s Interconnection services ensure seamless, secure access to your colocated and cloud-based workloads and data, offering scalability and redundancy.

Their suite of Interconnection services enables quick, secure connections for your applications and data, linking them to vital networks, clouds, and partners.

From cloud on-ramps to cross connects, DataBank’s connectivity solutions scale with your applications, bolster disaster recovery plans, enhance competitiveness, and reduce ownership costs.

Available in their data centers and metros, this ecosystem positions your data and apps near half of the U.S. population, within 10ms of most public cloud regions.


DataBank’s Enterprise Cloud, FedRAMP Cloud, and DataBank METAL™ platforms seamlessly integrate with your colocation setups, offering essential components for hybrid strategies.

These platforms offer scalability, agility, and cost predictability for today’s dynamic applications. However, they’re just one aspect of a modern hybrid IT infrastructure.

DataBank has orchestrated cloud platforms that complement our colocation, network, and managed services, enabling you to tailor your infrastructure for your application ecosystem.

With a range of private, shared, and bare metal options, coupled with comprehensive security, storage, management, and migration services, DataBank’s Cloud is your dependable solution for success.

The DataBank Customer Portal


A single pane of glass to manage all aspects of your infrastructure, including colocation space and power, network security, compliance, and user access.

Unlike other providers who use off-the-shelf systems with limited capabilities, DataBank custom-built the DataBank Customer Portal specifically for the needs of customers with complex hybrid infrastructures.

Whether you rely on DataBank for colocation, cloud, or managed services, their Portal gives you a single pane of glass to visualize and manage every component of your environment.

With the DataBank Portal you have visibility into the same systems and metrics we do: power consumption by cabinet and device, bandwidth flow by protocol and port, events and attacks by type and source, etc. You can control elements of your infrastructure such as setting user roles, powering devices on/off, downloading compliance reports, requesting remote hands support and opening and monitoring tickets.