Flexential Partner Overview

From cloud to colocation, dense connectivity to hyperscale on-ramps, and a full set of data protection products to managed and professional services, Flexential offers a full suite of solutions designed to meet the unique demands of enterprises of all sizes. 

PEAK Resources and Flexential

PEAK’s relationship with Flexential is one of our most valued partnerships. This very symbiotic relationship provides PEAK with a comprehensive set of colocation, cloud, connectivity, and managed services to bring to our clients. As our clients continue their hybrid IT journey, Flexential’s partnership and platform of offerings helps position PEAK to provide a new set of options to our clients as they consider new consumption and delivery models.  PEAK was recently recognized by Flexential as their Growth Partner of the Year, representing our strong alignment and success together. 

Why Flexential?

Flexential’s broad range of services extends past just colocation. Flexential’s customer support encapsulates professional services and management to ensure customer reliability.


FlexAnywhere ™ Solutions
Flexential’s FlexAnywhere™ Solutions incorporates hybrid IT to satisfy customers increasing performance, reliability, latency, and interconnection demands. FlexAnywhere™ encompasses the 6 different solutions which Flexential prides themselves on: colocation, connectivity, cloud, managed services, disaster recovery, and professional services.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Data Center Colocation: Flexential offers state of the art data center facilities housing any companies’ infrastructure with multiple locations across North America
  • Cloud Services: Flexential’s customer-based cloud services go beyond the one size fits all models. Their team maps cloud services with varying levels of privacy and size to satisfy any customer’s needs.
  • Managed IT Services: Flexential’s IT services team specializes in monitoring, supporting, managing, providing backup, along with disaster prevention in their data centers.
  • Connectivity and Interconnection: Flexential’s data centers provide seamless connectivity from various locations to ensure high-speed data transfer.
  • Professional Support: Flexential’s Cloud Services and IT Services offer custom models to fit any company’s desires. Similarly, Flexential’s technological support team works 24/7 to back their customers’ requests.
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Flexential is “committed to maximizing efficiency, minimizing carbon footprint and water usage.” Their state-of-the-art data centers are designed with specialized cooling and power management systems to promote an eco-friendly future.