Palo Alto Networks Partner Overview

Palo Alto Networks specializes in bringing customers a variety of different cybersecurity solutions that cover organizations networks, endpoints and ranges of cloud native applications.

PEAK Resources and Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto is an example an emerging partnership with PEAK as we represent their various Network Security, Application Protection, Security Ops, and Endpoint solutions to our clients. PEAK has numerous internal resources dedicated to working with our clients to leverage PAN technologies to provide increased security as they progress along their digital transformation. 


Palo Alto Networks diverse portfolio of cybersecurity services for cyber transmission leads the industry with its capabilities.


Prisma Cloud
Prisma Cloud secures applications from code to cloud, enabling security and DevOps teams to effectively collaborate to accelerate secure cloud-native application development and deployment.

Cortex solution by Palo Alto Networks encompasses comprehensive data analysis, advanced technologies, and automation capabilities to secure all data and stop modern data attacks.

Palo Alto Networks sophisticated machine learning firewall service for added network security that can be integrated in both public and private cloud.

Prisma SASE
Prisma SASE works to secure hybrid workforces, allowing secure access to infrastructure and applications while maintaining high network performance.

Unit 42
A global unit comprised of cybersecurity experts including: incident reporters, threat hunters, and reverse engineers. The Unit 42 team responds and prevents threats to customers within the data infrastructure landscape.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Zero Trust Strategic Methodology: Palo Alto Networks customize cybersecurity based on different companies’ size and demands. The Zero Trust mindset lies at Palo Alto Networks core, embedding a ‘never trust, always verify’ mindset for every user.
  • Zero Trust Zero Access 2.0: ZTNA 2.0 combines fine-grained, least- privileged access with continuous trust verification and deep, ongoing security inspection to protect all users, devices, apps, and data everywhere.
  • Palo Alto Networks offers best in class protection for multi-cloud use.
  • Unit 42 threat intelligence and incident response team