Pure Storage Partner Overview

With a commitment to simplicity, performance, and customer satisfaction, Pure Storage has become a trusted PEAK partner for enterprises seeking cutting-edge storage solutions in today’s data-driven landscape.


Pure Storage, founded in 2009 in Silicon Valley, is a pioneering force in data storage, transforming how organizations handle their crucial data assets. Renowned for its innovative all-flash storage arrays, Pure Storage empowers businesses with unparalleled speed and efficiency, accelerating applications and facilitating data-driven insights. Their commitment to simplicity, performance, and customer satisfaction makes them a trusted partner for enterprises seeking cutting-edge storage solutions.


At PEAK Resources, we ensure a reliable, efficient, and scalable storage environment for our customers. Our services encompass comprehensive planning, physical setup, environmental considerations, and logical installation, all executed in accordance with industry best practices to surpass performance, manageability, and reliability expectations. We also conduct thorough server and storage assessments, evaluating capacity and performance to maximize your investments. Our experienced team provides professional recommendations and services.

We are now enhancing our storage portfolio by seamlessly incorporating the cutting-edge products and technologies offered by Pure Storage, delivering an even higher level of performance, data management efficiency, and reliability for our clients’ storage infrastructure.

PURE’S Key Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional Performance: Pure Storage products are known for their high-speed, all-flash storage arrays that deliver blazing-fast performance. This means reduced latency, faster application response times, and increased productivity.
  • Data Efficiency: Pure Storage utilizes data reduction technologies such as deduplication and compression, significantly reducing storage space requirements. This translates to cost savings, as less physical storage capacity is needed for the same amount of data.
  • Reliability and Availability: Designed for enterprise-grade reliability and availability, Pure Storage systems offers features like built-in redundancy, non-disruptive upgrades, and proactive monitoring. This ensures that critical data is always accessible and protected.
  • Ease of Management: The company’s products boast an intuitive and user-friendly management interface. Administrators can easily monitor, configure, and optimize their storage infrastructure, reducing the complexity of storage management tasks.
  • Scalability: Pure Storage solutions are highly scalable, allowing your company to start with a small footprint and expand as your data needs grow. This scalability ensures that you can adapt to changing data requirements without costly forklift upgrades.
  • AI-Driven Insights: Pure Storage incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning into its products to provide predictive analytics and actionable insights. This enables proactive maintenance, identifies performance bottlenecks, and optimizes storage resources for better decision-making.

All-Flash Storage Platforms

Unstructured Data Storage

Integrated platforms

Storage Subscriptions

Software and Automation

  • Agile Data Services: Workload mobility and security for unparalleled data storage with Purity

  • Cloud-native Data Platform: Build applications anywhere on Kubernetes clusters, containers, or databases with Portworx®

  • AIOps for Smart Storage: Data management and monitoring with Pure1®

  • Enterprise Cloud Management: Run enterprise apps with Pure Cloud Block Store™ and Azure VMware Solution

  • Storage-as-Code: Provision, scale, and self-manage with Pure Fusion™

Uncomplicated Data Storage, Forever

Rely on innovative, cloud-ready solutions and the best experience in technology to turn bottlenecks into breakthroughs and data into powerful outcomes.


Use up to 85% Less Energy
Vs. competitive all-flash storage.


Net promoter score.
Highest in the industry.


Lower TCO.
Pure is cost-effective.