PEAK Community Outreach Programs Garners Recognition from the Denver Business Journal

Jul 14, 2021

(This article can be seen in full on the Denver Business Journal HERE)

Creating a corporate social responsibility program is often a natural step for a company that cares deeply about serving their local community. PEAK Resources, a Civic 50 Colorado 2020 Honoree, highlights the importance of being a community-minded business and the unique opportunities provided by this thoughtful approach.

Additionally, through its CSR program, PEAK Resources has connected with key partners to help local communities across Colorado.

Why does your company engage in CSR? 
Since our founding in 1991, PEAK has been deeply committed to civic citizenship and giving back to our community. We have refined our efforts over the years and we feel that our impact continues to grow. This has several positive outcomes beyond our direct support to the community. In addition to providing organizational objectives for financial support, PEAK’s CSR program provides our team many leadership and volunteer opportunities. We have received excellent feedback from a variety of constituents based on our commitment to community. Our program and focus have also allowed us to partner with clients and suppliers to deepen our CSR footprint.

How did your company start on its CSR journey? 
PEAK started on our CSR journey when we founded the business. We took a focused approach when we decided to engage the whole company. PEAK gave the team the opportunity to tell us how they wanted to participate. We conducted surveys to find out what areas of impact they cared about and wanted to serve. This feedback ultimately drove PEAK to find the best community partners to engage and has helped us build lasting and meaningful relationships.

What advice would you give other companies on how to get started with CSR? 
Based on PEAK’s experience, you don’t need to have a CSR program in place to help serve the community. The key is that your commitment to community is truly a company value. From there, engage your employees (and their families), customers, suppliers and community partners to make the impact greater. We have always felt that having a number of champions within the organization helps with continued engagement, innovation and partnerships.

The Civic 50 Colorado 2020 award is supported by CSR Solutions of Colorado, which submitted this Q&A. CSR Solutions of Colorado, a project of Community Shares of Colorado and Spark the Change Colorado, provides companies with the best tools and practices to implement corporate social responsibility. Through this important work, CSR Solutions of Colorado connects companies to great causes, truly highlighting the power of volunteerism and collaboration. Denver Business Journal edited this story.