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Effective cybersecurity is a critical component for all organizations. Companies of every size and across all industries must incorporate cybersecurity strategies, policies and procedures into their daily business activities.


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Security Assessment Services

PEAK Resources is focused on partnering with your business to assess your current cybersecurity posture and provide you with solutions that mature your organization’s cybersecurity program moving forward. Our team offers the following Security Assessment services to aide you in this process.

Security Posture Assessment

PEAK Resources provides a general and vertical set of assessment services that measures a customer’s security readiness against various types of security threats. A comprehensive report is generated that identifies where the customer is over-under in their security capabilities and compares their security readiness to their peers’ in their vertical. This service helps identify or validate security solutions needed to improve the customer’s security posture as well as help build a security solution roadmap for a customer.

Penetration Testing
PEAK Resources will simulate a cyberattack on your infrastructure and applications to include the following testing:

  • Identify weaknesses in infrastructure
  • Testing of OS/platform and applications; define potential impact and provide recommendations
  • Simulate attacker – kill chain aligned
  • Evaluate firewall / perimeter “leakiness”
  • Perform password cracking and evaluate password policies/strength
  • Wireless Infrastructure
Red Team / Blue Team Testing

PEAK Resources works with your organization to test your cybersecurity defense and response capabilities, discovering and reporting on any deficiencies discovered.

Application Assessment

PEAK Resources provides automated and manual assessment of web applications from the point of view of the attacker to discover vulnerabilities that can lead to compromise.

Physical Assessment

PEAK Resources tests the vulnerabilities in your Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) for data centers, corporate offices, smart building, and other critical facilities. All PACS components will be examined for vulnerabilities that could lead to unauthorized access, providing analysis and recommendations for remediation of any vulnerabilities that are discovered.

Maturity Assessment

The PEAK Resources team works with your organization to assess the capability and maturity of your cybersecurity program. Over 180 common security control points are reviewed/assessed. The goal is to align your cybersecurity program with existing business projects and processes.

Email Threat Assessment

With email still the most prevalent vector for attack, our team will assess your current O365 email security controls to test how effective they are at stopping email threats from entering your organization.

Wireless Assessment

PEAK Resources will test the security of your wireless infrastructure following well-know best practices and security testing methodologies including the following:

  • Onsite/External Wireless Scanning
  • Rogue Wireless Detection
  • Attempt to compromise existing wireless security controls
  • Analysis and Identification of Attack Vectors
  • Vulnerability Testing and Verification
  • Wireless Controller/AP Configuration Review
  • Wireless Policy Review
Vulnerability Assessment

PEAK Resources utilizes best-in-class vulnerability scanning tools/techniques to identify vulnerabilities that exist on your systems/devices/applications. Detailed vulnerability reports are provided and explained to aide your organization in remediating critical vulnerabilities that are discovered.

Data Security Assessment

PEAK Resources will work with your organization to assess the security of your data. Our team will discover where your data is located/stored, the effectiveness of protections that are in place, any regulations critical to the business, and vulnerabilities that exist creating risk of exposure/breach. The findings will be documented and recommendations provided for data governance and protection.

Risk Assessment

PEAK Resources will assess the current state of your organization’s cyber-risk. This assessment includes a review of technologies, policies, standards, procedures, processes, and any relevant compliances. The probability and impact of discovered risks is documented, to include recommendations for mitigating those risks.

Compliance Assessment

PEAK Resources will work with your organization to assess your preparedness to successfully meet the requirements for most compliances to include, but not limited to the following:

  • ISO
  • NIST
  • HiTech
  • GDPR
  • GLBA
  • SOX
  • SOC 2/3