Providing Flexibility, Performance and Operational Efficiencies: Introducing the PEAK Power Cloud

Nov 26, 2018

Clients today are facing unique IBM AIX and i support challenges including; an aging workforce, an aging hardware and SW stack, cost prohibitive data centers, limited disaster recovery and capacity options, to name a few. It is for those reasons that PEAK Resources developed the PEAK Power Cloud in support of our clients business. Click on the video below to learn more.

The PEAK Power Cloud is designed to provide clients with the flexibility for PEAK to architect solutions to meet individual business needs. From dedicated systems hosted within PEAK’s data center racks running production workloads or HA environments to offsite backups, PEAK has a service designed to meet your needs in a consumption based model

Current challenges our clients face:

  • Their business has grown and the IBM AIX & i application is calling for more compute and memory
  • It is time to upgrade their current IBM AIX & i environment and are looking to explore OpEx options
  • Their IBM AIX & i backup and recovery solution is not providing adequate RPO & RTO
  • There is not a High Availability solution in place for applications that run their business
  • Service and Support are becoming too costly or there may be limited resources

Benefits of the PEAK Power Cloud solution for your business:

  • Production Workloads: migrating your IBM AIX & i production workload to PEAK’s data center provides clients with peace-of-mind, knowing that their critical IBM AIX & i applications are backed by over 20 years of expertise.
  • Remote Backup and Recovery: PEAK will design and implement a backup & recovery solution to meet, or exceed, your organizations RPO & RTO’s.
  • High Availability: real-time replication of your environment within PEAK’s data center VIA Vlpar’S provides business continuity for your critical business applications.
  • Disaster Recovery: PEAK will work with your operations team to ensure a proper DR plan is in place.
  • Archival: the PEAK Cloud provides the ability for you to migrate your legacy system to our cloud for records retention and periodic access.