Ride the Rockies

Durango – Cortez – Norwood Ridgway – Ouray County – Durango – June 13 – June 18, 2021

Ride the Rockies

Durango – Cortez – Norwood Ridgway – Ouray County – Durango – June 13 – June 18, 2021

Join Us in the VIP Tent!

PEAK is co-sponsoring a VIP tent that will be in the Finish Town after each day’s ride with replenishing snacks and drinks.  The Tent is a great place to relax after the ride, get out of the sun and get to know the other riders.

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PEAK Resources

Based in Denver, we are the most awarded technology solutions provider in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Our powerful ecosystem and best-in-class technologies focus on:  Data Center, Network, Security, Managed Services and Cloud.

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Daily RTR Blog
by our CEO

PEAK’s President, Vince DeRose, is an avid cyclist and is thrilled to participate in this year’s event. Each day of the ride Vince will post a short blog with his thoughts and a few photos. Follow PEAK on LinkedIn to experience RTR!

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Teaming up with

PEAK is excited to team up with our friends at Flexential throughout Ride the Rockies. Beyond our love of biking, the outdoors and the challenge of this event, PEAK and Flexential work together to deliver modern data center solutions.

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on Relationships...

“..a focus on developing long-term relationships based on value, integrity and trust.”

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“We are not a linecard VAR. We are focused on being excellent at a small number of solutions.”

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“these guys don’t put their toe in the water, it was a cannon ball.”

Daily RTR Blog by Vince DeRose

a little about Vince

Vince DeRose is the president and CEO of PEAK Resources. He was one of the original founders of the company in 1991 and was named President in 1996 and CEO in 1998.

Vince sets the tone as PEAK’s visionary, and engages daily with business partners, customers and PEAK team members. While typically focused on strategy and customer-facing execution, he also devotes significant energy to managing internal growth and operational transformation.

As a Colorado native, Vince lives the Colorado lifestyle, enjoying a broad range of outdoor activities including biking, hunting and skiing.

Vince DeRose

Vince DeRose

President and CEO

Blog 1

What Ride the Rockies is for me..

I am very excited to be participating in this year’s Ride the Rockies.  I have been a very active road cyclist since I was 14 years old.  In the late 70’s I used to ride my bike from Denver to Boulder every summer to go watch the Red Zinger Bicycle Classic.  I tried my hand at competitive cycling but really never had any results to speak of. I was more devoted to high school sports during those years.  My love of riding has not diminished and I have continued to ride for the last 43 years.  My longest relationship, other than with my immediate family is with a bike.

I lost count on how many times I have ridden this incredible event (I think this is No. 14 or 15).  I have ridden my bike in France, Italy, Spain, and all over the USA.  But there is nothing that compares with the experience of Ride the Rockies.  The people, the host towns, the satisfaction of riding close to 500 miles over some of Colorado’s highest and most scenic passes in a week are all hard for me to explain.

Training is hard as the weather in Denver in late April and early May has been cold and wet.  No matter what I will be there at the start in Durango and with some hard work and a little luck I will be there at the finish 6 days later.  See you on the road.

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Blog 2

Prologue – Saturday June 12th

Ride the Rockies Prologue in the books!  62 miles and very hot but a totally enjoyable time with an amazing group. Thanks to my great friends at Flexential!  

Blog 3

Day 1 – Sunday June 13th

Day 1 of Ride the Rockies done.  74-mile Durango, Ignacio, Bayfield loop. 3600 feet of climbing. 93 degrees. A great ride in a very beautiful part of Colorado.


Known locally as the Ignacio-Bayfield Loop, this ride included mellow country road spinning, a handful of short, but tough climbs, and miles of superb scenery. After rolling south out of Durango, the route traced the shores of the Animas River before turning east for the first real test of the day. After crossing US550, riders climbed onto the high desert plateau that’s home to the Southern Ute Reservation.

Following a half dozen miles on the flats, the route dropped into the town of Ignacio where riders topped off bottles, rested in the shade, and refueled. Then began the long gradual climb to the route’s high point near Lemon Reservoir. The toughest section came just after turning onto County Road 240 (around mile 55). There they faced a 2.5-mile grind that averages 5 percent and gains nearly 600 feet.

Once over the top, the road trended downhill for the next 8.5 miles, though there were a few short stingers along the way. The last of those pops brought RTR riders up to the Edgemont Ranch area around mile 67. From there it was a straight, fast downhill back into Durango and the finish at the La Plata County Fairgrounds.

Blog 3

Day 2 – Monday, June 14, 2021

Day 2 of Ride the Rockies.  Incredible. Durango to Cortez.  69 miles, 17 miles of dirt road 3600 vertical feet of climbing.  Great day with my friends from Flexential.  

This is my 11th time participating in this ride.  I am having fun, the riding is hard but the scenery is spectacular and the people are incredible.  

Blog 4

Day 3 – Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Day 3 of Ride the Rockies.  74 miles from Cortez to Telluride.  The main ride actually ended today in Norwood but a larger number of the riders are staying in Telluride and rode directly here.  First 60 miles gradual climb to over 5700 feet of climbing.

So far I’ve ridden 4 straight days and over 275 miles with almost 17,000 feet of climbing.  

I’m pretty tired today.  We have not yet ridden in heat below 90 degrees although most of today was in the high mountains and pretty cool temperatures.  

We crossed Lizard Head pass today (10,222’) Spectacular scenery in this part of Colorado.

Blog 5

Day 4 – Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Day 4 of RTR in the books.  42 miles from Telluride to Placerville over the Dallas Divide then down to Ridgeway.  This was billed as “the rest day”.  As always spectacular scenery and a beautiful ride.  I was not motivated at all to ride today but it actually turned out to be a pretty good day.

Blog 6

Day 5 – Thursday, June 17, 2021

Day 5 of Ride the Rockies done. It was actually a 32-mile day mostly on gravel roads with 2300 feet of vertical.  Had a nice ride with Kelly Daniels.

Blog 7

Day 6 – Friday, June 18, 2021

Final day of Ride the Rockies. The official route was from Ridgeway back to Durango over Red Mountain Pass. I rode to the top of the pass and returned to Ridgeway in order to make the drive to Denver a little easier. 50 miles and 4300 feet of vertical. I ended the week at just over 400 miles of riding with almost 26000 feet of climbing.

I made a lot of new friends this trip and was able to spend time with some old friends from the cycling community. Congratulations to the other 1900 riders.

Cycling is about being able to stay within yourself. It’s about suffering and reward. It’s about perseverance and endurance. I love riding my bike. It has always been the place where I can go to get away and to figure things out.

In this post pandemic time, it was great to get out there and share the experience with so many excellent people.

Thanks to the Ride the Rockies organization for a great week. Thanks to Flexential and Primal for the great partnerships. And thanks to my personal swag wagon driver Kelly Daniels.