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At PEAK we believe that the modern data center is no longer limited to what is behind the glass wall, but is progressing to the cloud, edge and beyond. We are more than Data Center or Security experts. We are technology veterans with years of hands-on experience designing, implementing and maintaining data-centric solutions that drive and enable business. When solidfying partnerships, we want to make sure that we keep our eyes not just on available technologies but where we’re going.

Our partnership with Rubrik is a great example of this. Together with Rubrik, we can provide advanced, multi-cloud data control. By offering a powerful, policy-driven platform we can simplify recovery and unlock insights from data residing in both the data center and cloud.

Cloud Data Management

Cloud Data Management is a single software platform that delivers backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management in one secure fabric across data centers and clouds. This platform manages all data in the cloud, at the edge, or on-prem. Rubrik powers on your data instantly (for recovery to test/dev) and unleashes hard savings from a converged architecture.

Products & Solutions

Backup & Recovery

Rubrik simplifies backup and recovery for hybrid cloud environments. It eliminates legacy backup complexity by integrating data orchestration, catalog management, and continuous data protection into a single software platform. With Rubrik, enterprises can unlock cloud for long-term data retention or DR and deliver automation with an API-first software platform. Designed to be vendor-agnostic, Rubrik supports the leading operating systems, databases, hypervisors, clouds, and SaaS applications.

Ransomware Recovery

Recover from ransomware with immutable backups built into the platform. Quickly search and restore files to the most recent clean versions, whether they are stored on-premises or in the cloud. Minimize downtime without paying a ransom. With Rubrik, all your applications and data are stored in an immutable format, preventing ransomware from ever accessing and encrypting your backups.

Replication & Disaster Recovery

As you look to implement a stronger business continuity and disaster recovery strategy, Rubrik delivers a single software solution for data protection, replication, disaster recovery, and application migration across your hybrid cloud environment. With Rubrik, you can leverage the agility and pay-as-you-go economics of public cloud for DR.

Regulatory Compliance

As businesses adopt cloud, they grapple with massive data fragmentation, making it impossible to know where sensitive data resides. At the same time, the increasing risk of data privacy breaches and non-compliance with regulations impose serious financial penalties. Polaris Sonar is a new SaaS application that applies machine learning to discover, classify, and report on sensitive data without any impact to production. By leveraging your existing Rubrik deployments, users get up and running in just a few minutes with zero additional infrastructure required.


Rubrik Polaris, a SaaS platform, operationalizes all your data situated in your distributed environment into a robust metadata framework and organizes all your business information to make it discoverable and usable, no matter where it is. By consolidating all your metadata from several data sources into a unified system of record, Rubrik Polaris enables you to exploit the business value hidden in your data assets.

Polaris Radar

Polaris Radar helps you increase your resiliency against ransomware by making it faster and easier to recover from an attack. Radar helps you recover faster by providing a simple, intuitive user interface that tracks how your data changed over time. It replaces manual recoveries with just a few clicks for minimal business disruption. It also increases intelligence by using machine learning to actively monitor and generate alerts for suspicious activity

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