Enhanced Converged Infrastructure for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Utility customers have the highest expectations when it comes to service availability. Organizations that provide power, such as utilities, oil, and gas companies, must avoid service interruptions at all costs.

To ensure uninterrupted service for their customers, these organizations need:

  • Application availability
  • Robust security
  • Infrastructure and operational visibility

Many utility companies depend on Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) to:

  • Monitor operations
  • Collect key data
  • Automate systems based on returned data
  • Automate real-time decision making
  • Self-heal disruption, either isolating or resolving the issue

PEAK Resources offers improved and secured services for utility providers through our Enhanced Converged Infrastructure for SCADA. Built on PEAK Converged Core (PCC), PEAK Enhanced Converged Infrastructure features:

  • An integrated network
  • Embedded management
  • Cisco UCS servers with flash storage solutions from IBM or NetApp

PCC provides SCADA with a better architecture and balance of resources, including:

  • Isolated secure application tenant for SCADA
  • Simplified physical and virtual networks
  • Increased scalability
  • Reduced cost per server
  • Flash storage, from either IBM or NetApp, for improved performance

PEAK Resources is a proven leader in technology for utility providers. Our team manages architecture, from planning through deployment, for the largest oil and gas utilities in North America.


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