PEAK Security Architecture: A Comprehensive and Evolving Approach to Cybersecurity

Organizations at every level are facing increasing pressure from cyberthreats and compliance regulations, like HIPAA and PCI. Businesses must provide protection for their data, people, and applications.

Organizations need a security architecture that can:

  • Meet and exceed compliance requirements
  • Protect valuable data assets
  • Evolve security to contend with increased business and threat complexity
  • Simplify security management

To help companies determine where they are on the journey toward a mature security architecture, we’ve developed PEAK Security Architecture (PSA). PSA evaluates the core elements of a company’s security architecture against three maturity levels: basic, proficient, and optimized.

Maturity levels:

  • Basic: access control and perimeter protection
  • Proficient: consolidated and segmented
  • Optimized: automated and correlated

Find out more about PSA. Read the white paper PEAK Security Architecture.