Successfully implementing and managing technology solutions is at the core of what we do. We provide professional and engineering services to organizations of all sizes. From initial configurations and sizing, to proof-of-concept support through implementation to staff augmentation, our team is continually engaged and focused on success. Our contract and SOW processes are streamlined and tightly integrated with our Project Management Office (PMO) to ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery. Technology means nothing without successful delivery and management.

Pre-sales / Pre-delivery

Product Positioning / Architectural Design / Sizing

PEAK’s team is fluent in every technology solution we choose to represent. You should expect this from any Solution Provider. Product positioning, sizing, configurations and BoMs are simply part of what we do. We are not a fulfillment VAR. Our front-end involvement in the architectural and sizing discussions are critical to the successful acquisition and implementation of any technology solution you acquire from PEAK.

Solutions Assurance Review

For most major acquisitions, we provide a Solutions Assurance Review. This comprehensive review includes everything from managing delivery details, to reviewing power and cooling requirements, to ensuring accurate cable and rack requirements are met.

Proof-of-Concept (POC) Support Services

We are experts at supporting POCs and new technology trials from our state-of-the-art Innovation Center. Located within the PEAK HQ in Denver, Colorado, the Innovation Center enables you to have a hands-on experience with the latest technologies, or test solutions to remediate performance and operational issues! This service is a great value to Clients and Manufacturing Partners alike. (Often, POCs are available at no cost to the client.)

Implementation Services

Converged & Hyper Converged Planning and Implementation

Utilizing our Denver-based integration facility, we deliver a true “plug and play” system into your environment with pre-configured OS, Network, Security Policies and operating systems integration. Application configuration can be done by the ISV, PEAK, and/or the client over VPN so that a fully functional CI or HCI stack can be delivered to a branch office or to an enterprise data center ready for production.

Enterprise Storage Implementation

Providing a reliable, efficient, and scalable enterprise storage environment for open systems platforms. Services include planning the physical, environmental, and logical installation, and applying implementation best practices that meet and exceed expectations for performance, manageability, and reliability.

Midrange Storage Implementation

Providing a reliable, efficient, and scalable midrange storage environment for open systems platforms. Services include planning the physical environmental and logical installation, applying implementation best practices that meet and exceed expectations for performance, manageability, and reliability.

SAN Implementation

Planning and implementation of a SAN (Storage Area Network) for multiple technologies including NFS, iSCSI and Fibre Channel. The implementation will incorporate highly available multi-path solutions utilizing best practice and secure designs.

IBM Power: HA planning and Implementation

The implementation of IBM Power HA enterprise solution enables companies to extend the data center cluster to a remote location environment for business continuity. IBM’s Power HA provides the capability for a cluster to span two sites with the storage and servers cross coupled in configuration that keeps applications resilient from storage, server, or site outages.

IBM POWER: Logical Partition & Virtualization Implementation

Planning and implementation of PowerVM virtualization to create a secure and scalable POWER System platform for AIX, IBM i, and Linux applications. Professional services include the Live Partition Mobility (LPM) feature that enables a running partition to be relocated from one system to another.

Network Services

PEAK’s Networking team helps design and implement and manage networking infrastructure. Our team of highly certified consultants and engineers are fluent in Switching, Routing, Firewalls, layer 1-7 Security, VPN, MPLS, VPLS, VxLAN SDWAN & SDN.

Server Consolidation

Eliminate over-provisioning, maximize ROI, reduce server sprawl, increase server utilization, and decrease direct and associated costs by consolidating server hardware with server virtualization technologies.

Data Migration

Migration of data from existing storage arrays to new storage arrays with minimal to zero application downtime.

Support Services

Engineering as a Service (EaaS)

PEAK maintains a staff of professional data center engineers available for short or long-term staff augmentation services. We have operational expertise across numerous disciplines focused on specific server operating systems and storage/data management platforms. We are highly skilled managing and working in environments with VMware, Red Hat Linux, IBM AIX, IBM iOS as well as Pure Storage, NetApp, and IBM Storage.

Operating System Upgrades

Services include planning and review of current applications for revision level compatibility, upgrade services and application of latest patches.  Our efforts are designed to ensure compliance and improve usability and performance.

Data Replication and Data Protection

Services to protect valuable data by replicating the data offsite. Professional services to plan, implement, and test data replication solutions from one server or storage array to another.

SAN Migration

Storage Area Network migration to new fabric for SAN switches and SAN directors. Planning services include evaluation and documentation of server HBA firmware, attached storage firmware, cabling, and storage virtualization technologies. Migration is typically performed with limited or no application downtime.

Network Device Migrations and Upgrades

This service provides a comprehensive overview of the status, capacity and performance of entire networks or individual devices in a network. We evaluate your existing environments and provide professional and experienced recommendations and professional services to ensure your investments are being maximized.

Assessment Services

Server & Storage Assessments / Capacity / Performance Reviews

This service provides a comprehensive overview of the status, capacity and performance of individual servers and/or storage arrays. We evaluate your existing environments and provide professional and experienced recommendations and professional services to ensure your investments are being maximized.

Virtualization Health Check Services

Our team will provide an in-depth evaluation of your virtualized environments, including virtual hosts, local area network, storage area network, and storage devices. Recommendations and additional services can be provided to help you improve the overall efficiency of your virtual assets.

Data Center Relocation

Data Center Relocation Services

These services include all aspects related to the relocation of physical IT assets from one location to a new location.  Our Data Center Relocation Services is a comprehensive bundle of services to designed to support your move from one physical location to a new physical location. In essence, it’s an easy button for a critical organizational event. Relocating a Data Center can be daunting, it requires significant planning, cross-functional coordination, an immense amount of communication, event walk-throughs and a solid back-up plan! The bottom-line is that PEAK has you covered. We take care of it all, including relocation of physical IT assets, planning services, data protection, discontinuance, un-racking, packing, transportation, and re-installation activities. Our specialists will also ensure all manufacturer maintenance eligibility requirements are updated to ensure you move forward in good standing.

Staging, Logistics & Warehousing

Staging & Integration Services

PEAK provides a wide range of “off-site” staging and integration services from our modern, climate-controlled Denver facility. Our team of technology specialists, engineers and testing professionals will aggregate parts and components from various distribution sources and then assemble, configure, update and test your solution to ensure a smooth, error-free delivery and install. As part of our checklist, we will review and update the latest BIOS and Firmware to ensure that the most recent manufacturer specifications are met. PEAK Staging & Integration will boost your productivity and accelerate your ROI by ensuring your new assets are delivered fully tested and ready to install.

Logistics Services

We manage enterprise-class implementations every day! Let the PEAK Logistics specialists help you with your next rollout. Whether you have a single site or multiple sites, we have battle-tested processes and systems to ensure flawless reporting, communication and execution. Are you challenged with managing domestic and international shipping and delivery? We have you covered around the globe!

Warehouse Services

Many organizations simply don’t have the space to store bulky equipment safely and securely prior to installation. As a PEAK client, you have access to a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled warehouse facility. Born in the mid-90’s from PEAK’s years as a distributor, our expansive, Denver-based warehouse is fully optimized to make your warehousing needs a snap.

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