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Data Protection

INDUSTRY: Healthcare

Implementing Ransomware Resilient Data Protection with HIPAA Compliancy


A Colorado based, regional healthcare provider was looking to safeguard its enterprise data from cyber attack (including Ransomware), create a streamlined data protection workflow that was holistically integrated with existing primary storage solutions (Production, Disaster Recovery and Cloud), and deliver a future-proof solution to support required service-level agreements and compliance requirements (including HIPAA – PII).


  • Deliver Web-Scale Architecture
  • Enable On-Demand Visibility
  • Optimized Workflows
  • Enable Accelerated Data Recovery
  • Ransomware Resilient
  • Deliver Immutable Backup Solution
  • Holistic Integration with Primary Storage (NetApp)
  • Leverage Existing Investment in Primary Storage (NetApp)
  • Scalable to Support Large Data Growth
  • Deliver to Operational Service-Level Agreements
  • Achieve Business Compliance


PEAK delivered an immutable, software defined, service-level driven, web-scale architecture comprised of Rubrik Polaris GPS and NetApp. This expansive and scalable, enterprise-class solution provides an on-demand portal to unify all metadata, mitigates data risk, accelerates ransomware recovery options, achieve business compliance while providing fully integrated workflows, maintainability, and visibility throughout the complete storage infrastructure.


Rubrik Polaris GPS

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