PEAK Resources is a full service provider of business infrastructure technologies, including consulting and professional services. Specifically, we offer product evaluation, procurement, and implementation services across these five integrated core practices.

Our Core Practices Areas

Data Center & Infrastructure

We design, build, test and deploy anytime, anywhere. We deliver customized data centers on premises, in a colocation facility, in the cloud, or anywhere you need it. For over 30 years we’ve been pioneers in Data Center solutions. We are technology veterans with hands-on experience designing, implementing and maintaining solutions that drive and enable business.
Delivering infrastructure and applications efficiently, securely and within budget has never been more complex. User expectations, business priorities, industry regulations and compliance requirements are ever changing and often create a target that simply does not stand still. For the data center this translates to a mandate of change.


The network is evolving, rapidly. Beyond the leaps in sheer power to push, pull and provide access to robust data-sets, expansive analytical information and an ever-increasing array of applications, the network is getting smarter, easier to manage and more security conscious. Concurrently, the criticality of the network is paramount, as expectations of access, availability, performance and security have never been higher.
For close to thirty years, PEAK has been at the forefront of architecting, implementing and maintaining enterprise networks. Our breadth of experience, partnerships and industry certifications are simply unmatched and provide a testament to our prowess to translate business requirements, priorities and goals into real-world solutions. Let PEAK guide you through the new era of networking.

Cloud & Cloud Services

Through our vast ecosystem of best-in-class cloud solution providers, PEAK provides a gateway to the enterprise cloud. With deep technical experience in workload optimization, service delivery, data management, cybersecurity and connectivity our team of experts is uniquely qualified to guide you through the nuances and complexities of cloud technologies and services.
Most clients today are already leveraging some flavor of cloud solutions. The key to cloud is ensuring that the offerings and services being leveraged are right sized to your business needs and of course are meeting the service level objectives. This is where PEAK’s team can assist, by ensuring that the cloud services in question are providing the ‘right’ value to the organization at the right price.


Effective cybersecurity is a critical component for all organizations. Companies of every size and across all industries must incorporate cybersecurity strategies, policies and procedures into their daily business activities. PEAK can help you navigate your cybersecurity risks and incorporate the resources you need to protect your people, data, applications and infrastructure while ensuring proactive compliance and continuous risk management. PEAK will assist you in detecting and stopping threats while growing your business securely.
Specifically, we offer security solutions in these three key areas:
  • Cyber Strategy: We can guide, assist and ensure delivery of a comprehensive cybersecurity program (Strategy, KPIs, Policies, Procedures, Solutions).
  • Security Checkup: We will perform a checkup to assess your current overall cybersecurity health and the effectiveness of your current cybersecurity controls.
  • Email Threat Assessment: Our email security assessments are designed to ultimately provide you with a comprehensive solution that enables your business to thrive, while reducing risk.

Professional & Managed Services

Through our Managed Services practice, PEAK provides a focused offering of managed services for organizations that demand a higher level of care 24x7x365. Ultimately, we help you support, maintain and manage your critical infrastructure whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, or somewhere in between. 
Our team of highly skilled support managers and engineers is unmatched in both customer service and customer communications. Additionally, we have an established micro-ecosystem of fully engaged partners who provide best-in-class solutions and services.