A Holistic Approach to Safeguard IT Environments

To protect your business, you can’t approach IT security with a set-and-forget it outlook. Given today’s data standards, you can’t afford to. As security threats emerge, advance, and evolve, your technology needs to stay just as nimble to fight back. You need a partner that not only has access to best-in-class technology, but has the expertise and dedication to help you stay on top of mission-critical updates.

PEAK has partnered with IBM, Palo Alto, Checkpoint, and CISCO to deliver a comprehensive security approach that will align with your security strategy.  

As part of our advanced fraud protection portfolio, PEAK offers a suite of intelligent security solutions to protect your people, data, applications, and infrastructure. 


Whether intentional or unintentional, your workforce can be just as dangerous as outside threats. That’s why it’s imperative to tightly manage access control and privileges. PEAK can help secure and define your user identities so intruders don’t work their way around your defenses.  

  • Identity governance
  • Role discovery and management
  • Fine-grained entitlements and separation of duties
  • Privileged user management
  • User provisioning
  • Access management
  • Strong authentication


Data security has taken on heightened importance in today’s compliance-driven landscape. Organizations are held to strict data integrity standards from different regulatory bodies. PEAK can help your organization stay compliant.

  • Data governance
  • Integrated end to end Encryption and key management
  • Data masking
  • Database activity monitoring
  • Data loss prevention
  • Database access control


Applications are the lifeblood of any organization. Businesses count on countless applications to keep their operations up and running. PEAK security starts at the entry point of each application instead of the network perimeter, allowing for internal and external policies to be tackled simultaneously.  

  • Security data analytics and correlation
  • Web application protection
  • Source code scanning
  • Application scanning 


How do you know if your network is under attack? Determining the point of vulnerability across thousands of endpoints can be like finding a needle in a haystack. PEAK can help you sort through the clutter with powerful threat detection and security management.

  • Multi-faceted network protection
  • Anomaly detection
  • Hardened systems and configuration management
  • Virtual host and Network security
  • Endpoint and network security management
  • Anti-virus and Advanced Malware protection