by Jason Batt | April 21, 2021 | Blog

Understanding NetApp Cloud Insights

From Chaos to Infrastructure Intelligence

Sound Familiar?

Its Monday morning at 0700 and the first call you get is from an application analyst telling you that a mission critical process is seriously degraded. All your vSphere, storage infrastructure, and SAN Fabric monitoring has been silent. The problem must be solved quickly or there will be serious financial impact. You have three different storage vendors utilizing both NAS and SAN, and you manage their interaction with all three major cloud providers. Sound familiar?

Visibility, in a single view

Lucky for you, you started monitoring your hybrid cloud environment two weeks ago with NetApp Cloud Insights. In a single view, you review all the resources associated with the application in question, and quickly discover that a key workflow engine for the application is utilizing an AWS EC2 Instance, which is using 100% of its CPU allocation. You increase the number of cores allocated to the instance and immediately learn that the crisis is over.

This is only one example of how NetApp Cloud Insights is empowering my clients. Whether its enterprise storage (Pure; EMC; HPE; IBM; NetApp; Hitachi), containers (Docker; Kubernetes; Open stack), hyperscaler storage and compute (AWS; Azure; GCP), enterprise hypervisors (VMware vSphere; Hyper-V, Nutanix Acropolis), or enterprise SAN fabrics (Brocade; Cisco MDS), NetApp Cloud Insights brings it all together to give you the Intelligence that you need to solve the numerous challenges of an ever-increasing complexity. Whether your use-case is for operational efficiency/ monitoring/ troubleshooting, capacity planning, or ransomware protection, NetApp Cloud Insights is something that you should seriously consider running a POC around. Its like having your own Jarvis that knows your data throughout the enterprise regardless of location.


Try Cloud Insights for yourself

For customers of NetApp, NetApp is offering this tool for free in their Basic Edition. It allows you to collect data from any NetApp technology with 7 days of retention of configuration and performance data. This is an incredible offering as it provides NetApp customers a single portal for intelligence across E-Series, StorageGrid, ONTAP (CDOT, Select, and 7-mode), CVO – Cloud Volumes OnTap, SolidFire and HCI platforms.

If any of this is interesting to you and you would like to see how your business operations can benefit, please reach out to us at PEAK Resource. NetApp is offering a 30-to-60 day trial to put it to the test. Within 60 minutes, we could have you started on your journey to operational intelligence!

If you ‘d like for information, or would like schedule time with one of our experts, CLICK HERE


Need a bit more direction and consultative support?

If you are looking for a broader, more business-centric direction, PEAK offer’s a broader, consultative assessment which incorporates NetApp Cloud Insights with a few more features and benefits, we call it Enterprise Insights.

Get complete visibility into your infrastructure and applications. PEAK’s Enterprise Insights provides a robust assessment of your existing enterprise infrastructure so that you can make the right decisions about your business. We provide deep insights into your complete technical environments, regardless of manufacturer, consumption model or location. Not only do we provide key metrics for individual physical and virtual environments, but we show correlations to overall performance.


Jason is one of PEAK’s Solution Architects, with a focus for Enterprise Storage, Compute, Virtualization and Cloud technologies; Jason has been with PEAK for almost 2 years. Jason has over 22 years of experience architecting, implementing, and maintaining information technology solutions for numerous industries (Healthcare, Government, Financial, and Telecommunication). He has numerous industry certifications in enterprise storage and virtualization. 

Jason Batt

Jason Batt

Solutions Architect