Welcome to an authentic approach to infrastructure technology, consulting, services and systems integration. Welcome to PEAK Resources.

Since 1991, PEAK Resources has helped organizations understand, implement, maintain and evolve their infrastructure technology solutions. Early on, PEAK earned a national reputation as an exceptional IBM Partner, focused on data center technologies and solutions.

For 30 years we have grown our people, processes, partnerships and expertise. Today we have five integrated practices which include: Data Center, Network, Security, Managed Services and Cloud. We have developed a powerful ecosystem of business partners and best-in-class technologies, to deliver business impacting solutions and a highly experience team of team of technology consultants, architects, engineers and project management professionals.

PEAK has earned a reputation for outstanding for unparalleled kind commitment, comprehensive engagement services and a focus on developing long term relationships built on value, integrity and trust.

The root for our story, the spark that drives us, that is us, can be summed up in a single word: Colorado. PEAK is a native Colorado company. We live the Colorado lifestyle each and every day. Our people embody the essence of the Colorado open-mindedness, fearlessness, integrity, love and respect of the environment, perseverance and grit.