Why is PAM So Critical to Your Cyber Security Program

A Virtual Roundtable

Our Biz / Tech Roundtable is an online event series designed to provide information and guidance to both technical and business professionals.  Each event is intended to be a highly interactive discussion, not a sales presentation.  Our goal is to create and develop an on-going cadence with the business community where we address today’s most relevant technology-centric, business topics.


During this VRT we’ll take you through the concept of Privileged Access Management and why it is critical to your security program. The overall goal when designing your privileged access management process and implementing solutions is to arm IT and security professionals with the tools they need to control access within their corporate environment, thus reducing the attack surface by limiting privileged access and behavior. Ultimately, a PAM solution in conjunction with other IT security best practices, can contain potential damage related to attacks originating external to your organization, or those instigated internally, regardless of whether an action is due to intentional maliciousness or inadvertent incompetence.

Event Details


Why is PAM So Critical to Your Cyber Security Program


Wed, Sept 23
2:00-3:00pm PM
 Mountain Time




Opening Remarks – Paul Watson
Roundtable Discussion – Panel

  1. Privileged users have access to your most critical data
  2. Service accounts are a prime target
  3. Insider Threat
  4. Endpoints and Cloud
  5. Compliance

Audience Questions
Future Thought – IBM
Closing Remarks – Paul Watson


  • Paul Watson, CTO, PEAK Resources
  • Matt Manes, Director of Security Sales, PEAK Resources
  • Gene Ballard, Security Architect, PEAK Resources
  • Malik Merchant, IBM Technical Lead for PAM
  • Ryan Ruggles, North America Channels Segment Leader at IBM Security

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